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Founded in 2005, the WorldofMoney.org is a New York City based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to empower youth with a sound financial foundation. Now more than ever this organization is needed to break a generational cycle and to change the way youth, SECTIONS: Young Moguls (ages 7 - 9); Rising Moguls (ages 10 - 12) and Moguls (ages 13 - 18), view money by equipping them with five tenets for a financially responsible and philanthropic life: learn, earn, save, invest and donate.

The organization was selected as a Promise Place by America's Promise Alliance and by AOL Impact as one of ten top social good organizations in America. WorldofMoney.org is acknowledged in President Obama's Advisory Council on Financial Capability  Report. Having basic financial planning tools encourages youth to become family team players, maximize their longer-term financial well-being and to balance consumer and investor behaviors. The curriculum includes basic Mandarin Chinese, Excel, community service and year round alumni activities, including a Parent "Money Matters' Forum. In August 2013, we went on a Youth Educational Tour of three cities on mainland China and Hong Kong, and will return in July 2014.  Join us in August 2015, when we celebrate our 10th anniversary in South Africa!



Youth urgently need to attend our Institute as the lack of financial education may lead to poor health, emotional anxiety, decreased quality of life, generational financial product victimization and lower college attainment levels.

Over 3,000:       Youth financially educated since 2005

90%:                   Punctual Institute Attendance


100%:                 Institute Homework Completion


99%:                   Final Exam Pass Rate


99%:                   Institute Graduation Rate


85%:                   College Enrollment


100%:                 Checking/Savings or College Fund Accounts opened


52%:                   Increase of unbanked/underbanked families to banked families


 80%:                  Report improvement in their school grades.


 45%:                  Parents attend annual “Money Matters” Forum


 48%:                  Youth participate in community service



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