Leadership Council-Junior Board

Monique Carswell

Leadership Council Director


How did you hear about WOM and what made you get involved?

I learned about WoM through its founder, Ms. Sabrina Lamb. After hearing her testimony and watching one of the institutes recap videos, I was eager to contribute.

What do you like to do for fun?

I love to travel and explore different cultures. If I could guarantee a jaunt to one destination it would be Antarctica. One of my long term goals is to visit all seven continents. Antarctica is the one place I’m most mystified by regarding its how and when. So far, I’ve been to four continents. I’m on track to conquer the fifth (Asia) this summer with WoM, thus leaving Australia and Antarctica…Australia being much easier to wrap my head around.

What do you hope to gain from your volunteer experience with WOM?

Aside from the pleasure of witnessing the transformational experience both the youth and parents gain as a part of the program, I have met some incredible people through my participation with the organization. Serving as the head of the Leadership Council, I hope to impart organizing and leadership skills upon our members as well.

What is your occupation? What does a typical day look like for you?

I’m Director of Regional Marketing at Teach For America. Because I work with regions all across the county crafting and implementing their marketing strategies, I spend A LOT of time on the phone, either consulting, kicking-off a project, debriefing, checking-in, etc. I also spend an equal amount of time working with my creative team on design pieces.

What has been your most fulfilling moment in volunteering with WOM?

The Washington D.C. tour with the youth and parents was exhilarating. Sharing a full day with the students taking in some of our country’s most prolific sites was so moving, motivating and rewarding.

Joseph Edmondson, CPA, CFP®

Financial Presenter
Leadership Council Membership Committee Chair

Ayosike Akingbade


How did you learn about WOM.org and what made you get involved?

I live in Maryland and I learned about WOM.org while conducting a Google search on money coaching and whether there were any organizations that provided personal financial information to youth as I have always understood the importance of childhood in determining an individual’s likelihood of success. When I found the WOM.org website, I was so excited to learn how I could help so that I could merge my talents and skills to create sustainable change

What is your occupation? What does your typical day look like?

I recently pivoted into the world of entrepreneurship where I decided to merge my passion, skills and talent to be a personal financial coach. I can honestly say that I don’t have a typical day. In general, my work consists of attracting clients, working with them to achieve their short and long term financial goals by addressing areas where they feel stuck, creating presentations to speak at functions and becoming more social media savvy. I absolutely love my job and I find it extremely fulfilling!

What do you like to do for fun?

I love to spend time with my family and friends, to read and to travel. I recently added cooking to my list of hobbies and I love the process of creating new dishes and sharing them with loved ones.

What do you hope to gain from your experience with WOM?

Imparting knowledge about personal finance is my passion and I look forward to sharing information that will hopefully help to transform the lives of the enthusiastic and ambitious students of the WOM organization.

What has been your most fulfilling moment in volunteering with WOM?

As I am fairly new to the WOM leadership council and live in MD, my interactions with WOM have been limited to date. However, I look forward to attending as many functions as I can in the future and getting to interact more with the fabulous Leadership Council members and the wonderful students that WOM serves.


Current Leadership Council Members

Monique Carswell Director,
Teach For America
Taahira Maynard Hunter College, Secretary
Joseph Edmondson AXA-Advisors, Membership Coordinator
Joseph Van Scyoc UBM Tech Web, Treasurer
Chris Cameron Trendersgame.com
AyosikeAkingbade Ayosike, LLC
Paul Trussell Deutsch Bank
Ash Exantus(Ash Cash)
Sean Albert Henry Sean Albert Henry Enterprises LLC