Frequently Asked Questions

Does your organization provide adult financial education classes?

We schedule an annual Parent “Money Matters” Forum and workshops for Super Moguls, ages 19 – 26.

Where do your students come from?

Our Moguls represent over 200 public, private, charter and independent schools in the New York Tri-State area.

Is your organization only a summer program?

No, we offer over 100 programming events throughout the year.

Does your organization only serve low-income students?

Our families are economically-diverse; but all parents and students have a strong desire for financial and technology education.

How many students graduate from your Institute each year?

99% of our students successfully graduate.

Does your organization offer complimentary financial workshops?

We receive frequent requests to hold financial workshops. However, we believe that students deserve and need a minimum of 40 classroom hours of financial education; as opposed to a one hour workshop.

Do your alumni return each year?

Yes! And we recommend that a child does so as a refresher until they are at least 18 years old.

Do you provide free lunch?

Yes. However, we strongly advise that parents pack a lunch if their child has a large appetite or unique tastes.

Does your organization provide transportation to the Manhattan Institute?

While parents are responsible for their child’s transportation, we are happy to connect other parents in your area to share car-pooling responsibilities.

Do you provide sponsorships for low-income parents?

Financial education is a urgent lifelong and generational need. Our year round organization’s service are valued at $3,000.00 annually. We subsidize $2700.00 per child. Parents buy-in by contributing the remaining ($275-$325.00) balance via a payment plan (estimated $10.00 per week) or fundraise monies from family and friends. As a result, low income parents report that they learn how to budget and contribute towards what they value and towards their own financial independence.

Is there an Institute dress code?

Yes. All children must dress in business casual attire. Beach and athletic attire, including sneakers are not permitted.

Is there an Institute behavior code?

Yes, zero bullying is permitted by parents or children. There is also a Don’t-Act-A-Fool policy. Parents or children violating this policy will be immediately dismissed.

Does your Institute operate during the school year?

The Institute provides alumni follow-up and enrichment activities in the fall and the spring.

Does your organization have programming partners?

Yes, we are proud partners with Posse Foundation, Prep For Prep, A Better Chance, Teak Fellowship and Year Up. We are happy to recommend our graduates for consideration.

Can I use a payment plan?

Yes! On the website registration page, there are convenient payment options:

  1. 50% and 50%
  2. Weekly payments
  3. Full payment​

Is your Institute’s modest contribution refundable?

The Institute registration contribution is non-refundable or transferable, no matter what the reason.

Is there a class late fee?

Yes. There is a $.25 per minute late fee.

Is there a graduation ceremony?

Yes, there is an annual graduation ceremony to celebrate Institute graduation.

Is the community service day required?

While not required, participation is strongly encouraged.

What other classroom supervision is provided?

There is a Financial Presenter and a Classroom Leader assigned to each class.