Our History

Founded in 2005, the World of Money is a New York City based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to empower youth through the engaged, local delivery of professional quality financial education. World of Money Founder and CEO, Sabrina Lamb, while attending a financial planning seminar, was inspired by a compelling question. Are children, in the course of their education and upbringing, being taught this how to manage their financial life? After conducting some research on the subject, Ms. Lamb found that the answer to her question was a resounding “no”. So, after affirming the detrimental effects of this knowledge gap, she set forth to leverage her experience as a social entrepreneur, children’s advocate to create World of Money.

Now in our 15th year, World of Money has strengthened our commitment to providing children, as well as families, day-to-day tools for enhancing their financial education and to give them a prosperity mindset and a head start in life. Since our inception, more than 4,000 youth, ages 7 – 18, and have been provided with the needed financial foundation to break a generational cycle of poverty and to change the way youth view money by equipping them with the tenets for a financially responsible and philanthropic life: learn, earn, invest and donate. Our principal objective is to enhance the lives of underrepresented children and young adults in the Tri-State New York City area, the United States and in Senegal, Rwanda, Ghana and South Africa.

In 2020, the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago acquired the World of Money, thus expanding its global financial inclusion efforts. Over the past seven years, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago has transformed from a traditional social service organization to a 21st Century social enterprise committed to building a marketplace where everyone can thrive. Key to the organization’s transformation has been its work across the enterprise and the nonprofit sector to create efficiencies, improve access to services and deepen impact through expansion of programs. Some of the programmatic expansion has come through the acquisitions and strategic integration of other direct service and policy organizations like Project HELP, Voices for Illinois Children, and StreetWise.